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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  January 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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9 on your side has crews all over the tri-state -- right now.snow just arriving in the city.other areas already blanketed in it.this 9 first warning weather alert day and we're tracking the storm. 9 on your side at 4.... starts in ... maysville where the snow is still falling! it's a 9 first warning weather alert day.snow already covering parts of the tri-state.
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going to be very different depending on where you live.9 first warning meteorologists jennifer ketchmark, jason adams and sherry hughes are
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whether or not ohio sees a lot of snow -- northern kentucky is getting plenty. plenty.we sent out t.j. parker to maysville, kentucky- t.j. how's it looking out there? the snow is coming down pretty heavily, here. photographer terry helmer and i have been driving around- and the roads are very slick. we also noticed a lot of places are
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the snow is moving south to east... east...and that's where 9 on your side reporter jason law
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we are keeping a close eye on the roads in the tri-state right now. this is a live look at the cut in the hill in northern kentucky. you can see traffic is moving on the interstate. and because many schools and businesses closed early today, rush hour isn't expected to be quite as busy as your typical friday.
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tri-state to come what's it like downtown... 9 on your side reporter tom mckee joins us live from fountain square...
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now.. the hashtag blizzard 2016 is trending now in cincinnati. and your photos and videos are helping us tell the story of this winter storm. here are just a few pictures from twitter and facebook. this is ____ and this_____ be sure to keep us in the loop with what youre seeing outside your back door.. from sleds to slide-offs, share it now. you can tweet them to us @wcpo.. or post them to our 9 on your side facebook page. and finally- if you prefer email- send them to newsdesk @ wcpo- dot-com.if you're shooting video, it's helpful to shoot it horizontally. as always, thanks in advance. and finally -- one more way to interact with can log onto and find the latest school and business
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a live look at our 9 first warning live drive as it makes its way around the tristate. you can also leave questions for our weather team's next live webchat. there is a state of emergency in kentucky right now.and as this snow moves into the area -- snow emergency levels may be issued. so what does that mean for you? well -- every county in the tri state is different.the bottom line is that levels tell you just how bad road conditions are right now.the higher the level -- the worse the roads.and in some areas you can be arrested for driving in the worst conditions. the east coast is expected to get hammered on today.some forecasts predicting as much as two feet of snow falling in the nation's capital. here's a live look from dc where you can see gathering the essentials! essentials! shoppers emptying the shelves in maysville almost as fast as this worker can fill them back
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stock up ahead of the snow! 9 is on your side with what 'you' can expect as the snow starts to accumulate around the tri-state. and we are tracking some major news of the day ...a cincinnati native 'arrested' in north korea ... why the totalitarian state says this young man's actions threatened their nation ... and what the state department is doing to
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i-471 at grand avea live lok at grand avenue in fort thomas. snow now hitting... our nine on your side tony mirones has been driving around with grant county sheriffs deputies all day.... day.... this is what he saw just moments ago... take a look. tony mirones trucks are moving really good right now here in southern grant county but here's the thing the roads are getting bad we're just north of corinth, as you can see a car just spun outjason
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roads were somewhat slick depending on what lane you were in.i was just driving down the road a car passed me and just the wind the windshear i guess just sent me sideways and once i went sideways i lost control of the vehicle i just went through a spin and then into the rail. i'm fine it's just no repercussions of i afterwords with the intangibles."tony mironesthe bottom line is take your time there's no reason to be in a hurry today tony mirones is nine on your side at grant county the top edge of the storm dropping snow on the tri state stretches all the way to the east coast ... and it's having a serious impact on air travel! taking a look at the delays at cincinnati northern kentucky airport now ...
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heading out to portions of clermont county, brown county, city, southern portions of that's when you get around 2 you continue to get higher out then, the 6+. that is to the southeast. we were hoping it would be a little bit north of the city so we would get into that snow that with it being just south of i-270 five, it's right there. but it missed us a little bit. there you see the snow bands continue into the south. winter storm warning, the paint, still available. we have been chatting with the national weather service trying to gauge if they are dropping some of these counties. it is not impacting you guys as much. that winter storm warning is set to continue until 7 am. this evening, temperatures, mid-
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and fluffy for those of you tonight, light snow will be with us in the evening but ending overnight with a low of tomorrow, f-you morning high of 34. warmer today -- again today. the afternoon. the rest of your weekend is weekend. this week. finally comes for the weekend. rain, snow makes potential. definitely looking to be a good weekend ahead. now, jason adams is here with me. we have been watching this writer. for those of you at home, you are thinking it must be nice to be a meteorologist. this is frustrating for us. we have been pouring over this data for days. >> and we have had or facebook chats, we've had our chats and we've made it clear that the transition would be near i-70 one.
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we missed it by 10 or 20 miles. everybody missed it. that's why the national weather service, not affiliate with us or any tv station, that's why they issued those advisers and warnings because of the potential of it being more to the north. some of you have gotten snow. we're talking about those and northern kentucky in south central ohio. let's show you some pictures. this is coming in from jennifer in adams county. the roads are covered here. a couple of inches of snow on the ground. you will likely see another two or 3 inches of snow. here is another one from adams county from sonja. we want to see your snow pictures. tweet them to me or jennifer. jason wcpo. we will look for those voters. for the rest of southwest ohio, this is east of cincinnati. this does not include cincinnati propers. abettors in the mid-20s and we have the potential for moderate to snow showers, especially between nine and 11:00.
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here are the latest advisories. we will keep you posted. some of these may be dropped as we go through the next couple of hours. we will look at the rush to area grocery stores and conditions all over northern kentucky in a bit. other news and the tristate beside the weather. inexcusable, that's what john kasich is calling the detention of a young cincinnati man in north korea. the totalitarian state announced it arrested on a warm air, graduate of wyoming high school. the state media alleges he plotted to destroy north korea unity. tom mckee has a look at why he was there and what's happening to bring him home. >> reporter: otto warburg graduate wyoming high school in 2013, a good student and athlete. tonight to this community is done that he's being held captive in north korea.
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virginia and was in north korea with a group from a chinese company called young pioneer tours's. north korea said he was arrested for perpetrating a hostile act but did not explain the nature of that act. it's also not clear when he was arrested or where he's being held. he was salutatorian of his wyoming class. the homecoming king his senior year and is skilled soccer player. officials say they are falling state department protocol and have been in touch with the family but are not commenting further out of respect for their privacy. he's the second verse from southwest ohio to be detained in north korea. in 2014, jeffrey fowle of miamisburg was released after being held captive. the snow keeps coming and that may be good news for those
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look, westbound 74 is closed. just brown -- you can see on the left side, there were a few cars are getting through. in fact, they are turning around to get the other way. this is a single car accident. callers are saying that the car that brecht was driving recklessly. that is why this has occurred. westbound i-70 four is closed at north bend road because there has been a single car we will stay on top of this. strength let's take a live look we spoke with employee who said weekend. that happens anytime there is no on the forecast. expect a busy weekend. this slope does not look particularly busy but we're told attendance is up this >> i bet this weekend, or even tonight now the people realize
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people will start venturing out. it will be a good night to do skiing.
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meisel kentucky was of the first areas to see snow with his term. we will take it what to maysville and if you miss. >> we know you want to know the forecast. it has been changing. meteorologist, jennifer
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been tracking of force. >> the reality of this potentially moving more south in dry air cutting and is coming into play. he was right. we're seeing two different setups. at the satellite and radar. the white area is flurries. the blues is where you're getting better snow returns. i am starting to see if you returns out of the city's west side. it is light at this point. look el portal rising sun and aurora. you guys are getting flurries. not much to stick their but still in the southern part of boone, kenton and all the way through southern county, your getting more consistent snow showers. further south really cutting off. there are hit or miss spots
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consistent. maysville, manchester, west union, you guys are seeing her snow. to the north, it is cutting off in many places. the way the models have shifted today and what we're seeing on the satellite is if you are north of cincinnati, your point. we were concerned about eight mild to 30 mile range of shift in this system. out. that is the reality with this forecast. here is 7:30 pm. mainly snow showers along the ohio river east of town into the south. after midnight, much of this will come to a close in southeastern indiana and will continue out towards maysville. portions of brown county two. from sentenced -- cincinnati to the north, we're looking at no snow to late today. you may see some snow showers but minor amounts at best. past i-270 five, that is where
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2 inches to 4 inches potential. towards adams county, snow has already fallen and continues to fall the simi. winter storm warnings in effect in boone, kenton and campbell county. we may see adjustments and where we actually have the winter storm warning later this evening. right now, it continues until 7 am on saturday morning. temperatures this evening hold steady in the mid-20s. we are talking about what comes in after the system and our next potential for rain and the snow mix in the first warning forecast. breaking news. westbound i-70 four is closed just passed north bend road. this is a single vehicle accident. callers have been telling us that the car was driving recklessly.
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are down to one lane. there were some cars in the still are. they were trying to cross over out of this pilot. westbound i-70 foreclosed because of an accident. crews are all over the tristate and that includes 9 on your side ashley. >> reporter: we're on main street in bethel we can see the snow is coming down a nicely. look at these roads. the snow is sticking to them. they are wet and slick so you want to use extra caution when driving in this area. when we left a cincinnati an hour ago, the roads were clear. further east we went, the roads sought more and more snow. if you look at that subway and bp gas station, many are filling their tanks and running last-minute errands before the roads get worse. village officials are asking
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pothole damage 9 on your side found three drivers in dealing with flat tires today after hitting a huge pothole on the unbound ramp on northbound 71. pothole is in the left-hand lane on the ramp. keep an eye out. use caution if your router takes you by that. we spotted three cars pulled off to the side of the road. all damaged by that pothole. busy. >> rose-ann aragon just checked in on the progress tour in newport. she has a look at the rush they are. >> reporter: i'm in newport and for the most part the weather is fine. road conditions are okay. i'm at the kroger and there are many people getting last-minute items before the storm. stephanie joins me. she is working with kroger. can you tell me how busy has it been? >> it's been pretty busy all day.
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people were here at 7:00 and it was busy then. >> they heard it was going to snow so they assumed the worst. they needed to stock up. they think it will be a snow emergency. the weather predicts it will snow so everyone assumes the worst and get their stuff while the camp. >> how does it feel right now? >> it's not too bad right now. it's a little cold but not too bad. it snowed a few hours ago per right now it is not snowing. it may later but we don't know. >> reporter: thank you so much. that's what we have here in newport. we will have the latest during these coming shows. rose-ann aragon, 9 on your side. a few snowflakes starting to arrive in the city but other areas have been eating hit for
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were staying on top of breaking news. westbound i-70 four is closed just passed north bend road because of an accident. it is a single vehicle accident. closing the entire westbound side of the highway. to the right of the screen you can see the eastbound lanes. one lane moving there. traffic is being diverted in that area. this happened about 4:00 today. we will stay on top of this and give you more information. former jets, tracie hunter was not sentenced today. the supreme court granted her a state. hunter was convicted of unlawfully helping her brother. rose-ann aragon spoke with the original judge in the case as well as hunters supporters about what will happen now. >> reporter: previously convicted former judge, tracie hunter will not spend the next six months in jail. instead she will be working on
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original trial said this case is extraordinary. >> any problem that could happen , happen in this case. >> reporter: a messy case hitting back to the spring of 2014. she was convicted her getting her brother confidential documents before a disciplinary hearing. the judge said the breach of public trust is clear as day. >> there was a confidential juvenile file that should not have been turned over. it was a breach of ethics and as i indicated, over the breach of the law. >> reporter: cecil thomas said she did nothing while. earlier this week a bombshell. the prosecution announced it would drop eight other pending charges. >> the through all these charges on the wall. none of them had any real basis whatsoever. we knew that the history of her situation -- this was a sickly just an attempt to get her off the bench. >> reporter: she was elected in 2010 but after winning a controversial vote, she took
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the abuse of the authority of the position. >> reporter: prosecutors argued her brother's testimony showed his receipt of documents. her supporters say it was public work. after a series of appeals, she maintains her first trial is there. >> reporter: it was a cross- section of people. there were african-americans on the jury. there were men. there were women. it was done in the open. the jury reached a unanimous verdict on one count. >> reporter: rose-ann aragon, 9 on your side. hunter's attorney had asked for a review of the appellate the judge set a potential social media snow.
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we are tracking the storm that has primarily hit parts of northern kentucky. >> we will go over to jennifer ketchmark and jason adams. this has been unpredictable storm up to this moment.
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we've been getting feedback the people are frustrated. we've been frustrated from day one on this. >> weve been talking about this all week long. this was not going to be an easy forecast. every day we were telling you the issues we would have with this. unfortunately, the snow and no snow line was set up 20 miles south of where we had it in our forecast. it directly impacts cincinnati which is where many of you live any were saying, i want my snow. we get it. were frustrated too. let's talk about what is still to come as we continue. we will show you where we have the reports coming in. the heaviest is happening to the east of town and to the south. here in cincinnati we are getting a little bit of light snow coming down. i switched it over to this satellite and radar loop because you can see it better. here you have on the west side of town along i-270 five stretching from lawrenceburg all the way up to colerain
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snowfall band is coming through. this let the quick dusting on the ground. there will also be is no ben from evendale, along i 71, stretching down to near florence. pockets where you are getting flurries. this is moving east. look at this area. this is a heavier pocket of snow happening right there. it shifts slightly to the east. williamsburg should see snow out of this. moscow as well. that is slowly moving. moderate snow bands continue county still seeing decent down near georgetown and adams county. still widespread -- widespread snow down in maysville. plenty of places that are east of cincinnati and south of town where the snow is falling. west union, pupils, off getting moderate snow showers at this hour.
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dry air. the 20 or 30 miles shift has cut out a lot of cincinnati north of town, you're not getting heavy snow at all. you will be lucky to see a quick isolated snow showers passing by. the same thing in warren county in fayette county. the focus is east and south at this point. this is going up through midnight tonight. a few isolated snow showers across the tristate but it will be really be hit or miss. not leading to much accumulation. we have taken the old snow map and put on new numbers. finally seeing where the dry air and the cutoff has happened little to no snow expected from northwest. as you get southeast of town, that is where we get into that it will be closer to the inch potential.
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are looking at 6 inches and up potential. we are getting some snowfall amounts from there. on the satellite and radar loop you need to watch, we expected this to go north but look how this down. it is not our friend. winter weather advisories in purple elemental tomorrow morning. winter storm warnings in pink until tomorrow morning tulsa. some of those more northern spots may be dropped. the snow impact is not as great. temperature-wise we are around 26 closer to 10 pm. likely and moderate snow showers continue to be focused south and east. tonight, snow will come to a close and we will drop to 23 degrees. tomorrow, quite a bit of a morning cloud cover but the potential for more sunshine in the afternoon with a height of 34 degrees.
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rain no snow mix from monday night into tuesday morning. tuesday is a chance for lighter snow. right now it is not much -- look like much. we have snow in cincinnati. >> you are looking at the west side of town. it is coming into downtown now. this may give us a dusting or a half inch. speaking of snow totals. here is what to jennifer was alluding to. national weather service. union. we want you to send us your totals. take a picture with you of your ruler in the snow. let us know how much you have. tweak those to us. we will be looking for those snow totals. speaking of west union, one of by buddies on twitter, she is good at getting the pictures every time we have a snowfall event.
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yesterday we had some melting from snow earlier period now it is covered again for a lot of you. travis just follow me on twitter. the snow. an inch or two. you can also post them to our look for those it there and sharing them on air for the next couple of hours. we want to goto dan carroll. our live a try. then, tell us what you are finding. >> reporter: conditions are pretty good. we were a little further south about an hour or so ago. we went out on beech mont avenue , 125. when we got to a malia, the snow started coming down. it was much heavier as we got toward bethel and crossed into round county and went to georgetown.
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farther north we get, the snow is still coming down. at 26 degrees, the treatment on the roads has worked well. here and mount warm in brown county, conditions are not bad at all. it's been pretty amazing. we were further south, south of alexandria, kentucky earlier today. it was really coming down hard there. once you get to that 275 loop, hardly any snow at all. i'm dan carroll, in the nine maysville has been under level i snow emergency since 12:30 this afternoon. police who said it is a warning for everyone to stay off the roads. since the snow hit, three accidents have been reported within city limits and four within mason county. no injuries in any of these
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he will join us live tonight on 9 on your side. that does not mean the animals are not having a good time at the cincinnati zoo. smacked when you can see this little guy in person again. coming up next.
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we are checking in on breaking news. westbound i 74 looks like it is this is just past north bend there was a single pickle accident that has tied up traffic for the last hour. it looks like one lane is just reopening. as we been selling your pictures throughout the broadcast, you can see the eastbound lanes were down to one lane. it appears all lanes are open on that site. one lane now open on the westbound side. traffic moving again. not as much happening as we expected but 70 million people are in the path of a severe storm bringing a blizzard to the p the federal government closed early and sent workers home before the snowstorm hit. up to 30 inches is predicted there with 50 mile an hour winds. the storm is making its way north up 95 after hitting north carolina first. two people have reported data
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in new york, almost 1800 snow video now from the cincinnati zoo to lighten things up. today due to the weather. this is deal, the zoo's six month old. he is playing in the snow and having a good time. an employee sent us this video. 10 am. our producer tells me this is out of brown county. they are upgraded to a level ii snow emergency. we have crews there and will starting at 9 on your side at 5:00. northern kentucky, that means sledding season and an breanna harper has some tips on how to keep your kids safe. as non-addict go to sledding spots in the area. ranks in the top three
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>> our health here is the best. it's fast. the kids loved. >> reporter: this a park ranger knows all about the fine first- >> that's how you do it. day, they can expect hundreds of kids is flooding. >> everyone should go down pay attention to surrroundings. if they collide into someone they will go feet first is that it had first. >> reporter: doctors say they have seen their fair share of sledding injuries from cuts and's grace to sprains and broken bones. >> able to end up in icu need to have a breeding to from striking their heads. that's why it's important to protect your head. the helmet is the most important thing for that. >> reporter: and 2014, more than 52,000 sledding related injuries were reported nationwide. that's according to the u.s. consumer product safety commission. in addition to the sledding collisions, the cold is also another risk factor.
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stay hydrated. >> reporter: with all these safety tips in mind, the goal is that kids can enjoy the snow that much more. >> kids are here to have fun. >> reporter: breanna harper, 9 on your side. if sharon woods is not in your neck of the woods, checkout rate for a list of other local parks for ideal sledding. joint and myself. have a great weekend. 9 on your side at 5:00 begins new pal -- now. snow is falling in parts of kentucky. the snow is still hours from over.
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move as inches to closer to cincinnati. >> as the stormtracker hinges, what does that mean for you and your family. how much snow will we get. good evening. some folks in order kentucky are dealing with hours of snowfall. those closer to the city, nothing. >> some people are happy about not getting snow. we do want to give you a quick look at the highways. on the left side of the screen, 71/75, no problems there. on the right, this is breaking news in greene township. i 74 w. is back open after this emergency crews are still on traffic is flowing at least in one lane right now. that. we do have crews from maysville to downtown and locations in between. we are monitoring conditions across the tristate as your evening plans are under way. starting coverage, jennifer ketchmark with the timing of
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it didn't necessarily work out the way we thought.
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